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Having your pregnancy and delivery managed by a specialist obstetrician will incur some out of pocket fees. You will be made aware of Dr Langdon’s fees prior to your first appointment. Please contact the rooms if you would like to enquire about the costs of care at any other time.

Your private health cover will cover most, if not all, of your inpatient and delivery costs. It is important that you check you are covered for obstetric services by your health fund and that you have completed your waiting period, usually 12 months.

Antenatal appointments are not covered by your private health fund but are partially covered by Medicare. You will be made aware prior to your first appointment what the out of pocket costs of your antenatal appointments will be.

The planning and management fee will be charged at your 28 week appointment. This is a fee charged by obstetricians to cover the costs of providing round the clock care recognising the unpredictable nature of obstetric practice. It also helps to cover the costs of the large indemnity and insurance cover obstetricians must have in place.

It is important you have registered as a family for the Medicare Safety Net as you will be able to claim more of your out of pocket expenses once a certain threshold has been met.

Dr Langdon is a no-gap provider for most of the large health funds, this means you will not incur any costs for your inpatient (delivery and postnatal stay) care from Dr Langdon. When booking please enquire if Dr Langdon has this agreement with your health fund. Please be aware there may be out of pocket expenses related to your anaesthetic or neonatal care.

Your antenatal appointments will take place at Dr Langdon’s rooms located on site at the hospital. This allows her to be close to the delivery suite at all times and ensuring there is minimum waiting times in the event of an emergency delivery of another patient.