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At your first appointment, usually at around 9-10 weeks, you will meet Dr Langdon and her team. If you have concerns prior to this appointment please see your GP who is welcome to contact Dr Langdon if there is a need to see you sooner.

An ultrasound will be performed at your booking visit confirming your due date. Dr Langdon will discuss your medical and obstetric history and go through your booking tests organised by your GP. Aneuploidy screening for chromosomal abnormalities (eg. Downs Syndrome) and genetic screening for recessive conditions (eg. Cystic fibrosis) will be discussed and if you wish to proceed with these tests they will be organised.

Dr Langdon will focus on your expectations for your antenatal care and delivery and this will allow you to bring up any concerns or questions you may have.

At each of your antenatal appointments you will have an ultrasound to ensure your baby is healthy and growing well. Appointments are usually 4-6 weeks until you are 28 weeks when they will occur every 2 to 3 weeks. Towards the end of your pregnancy, depending on your risk factors, you will be seen more frequently.

Dr Langdon will discuss at length your plan for delivery as well as different options for pain relief so that you are well prepared for the birth of your baby.

The birth of your baby is a wonderfully exciting day! We hope the delivery is calm and straightforward and Dr Langdon and the lovely midwives on Labour Ward will be there to guide you and your support person through all aspects of your delivery.

Sometimes unexpected complications can occur and St John of God Subiaco is well equipped to deal with complex deliveries or unexpected emergencies with an operating suite available in labour ward and an ICU within the hospital.

The neonatal unit is exceptional and is staffed at all hours by an experienced paediatrician. Premature babies born from as young as 30 weeks gestation can be cared for in the nursery.

An appointment will be made for you to be seen by Dr Langdon at around 6 weeks after delivery to discuss your pregnancy and delivery and also make a plan for any future pregnancies you may be planning. It is an opportunity to discuss contraception options and if your cervical screen test is due this can be performed at this visit. You do not have to bring your baby to this appointment however we do love to see them if they can come.

We will also contact you in the 2 weeks after your discharge from hospital to ensure that everything is going well with you and your baby. If you have any concerns before this appointment please contact the rooms and an earlier time to see you will be arranged.

You will require a referral from your GP to see Dr Langdon. As obstetricians can book up quickly you may make an appointment to see Dr Langdon prior to seeing your GP but must have a referral by the time of your first appointment with Dr Langdon.

Your GP will organise some tests that are routine for all pregnant women. These are known as your pregnancy booking tests and ideally should be completed and forwarded through to Dr Langdon’s rooms prior to your first appointment. If you are unsure of the due date of your pregnancy your GP may organise an ultrasound to confirm this prior to your first appointment. This allows you to be seen at the most suitable time by Dr Langdon. An ultrasound will be performed at your first visit with Dr Langdon to confirm your due date.

Dr Langdon will keep your GP updated about your care throughout your pregnancy and after your delivery.

Your antenatal appointments will take place at Dr Langdon’s rooms located on site at the hospital. This allows her to be close to the delivery suite at all times and ensuring there is minimum waiting times in the event of an emergency delivery of another patient.